About Lapper the Potter

When I work with clay, magic happens.

I’m a college-trained ceramics artist and potter who’s been working in this medium for more than 40 years. I take great pride in my craftsmanship.

lapperthe potterThrough the years, I’ve made just about every conceivable thing you can create out of clay. I’ve helped friends, family and clients celebrate weddings, births, and even have crafted funeral urns for those who have passed on.

In an era of mass-produced pottery readily available at big box retailers, art that is created by hand has the ability to touch the soul like nothing else. I pour my heart into every piece I create, which is why family, friends and clients have trusted me to create unique, meaningful pieces that they will treasure for a lifetime.


No two items are the same, so every piece is an original, hand-made work of art.

Browse my website, and if you see something you like, contact me for pricing and availability. If you have an idea for something you’d like me to create, let me know and we’ll design it together.



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